Collection: Products

  • Third - Party Tested

    All of our functional mushrooms are organically grown in the Pacific NorthWest.

    Our products go through heavy metal testing, mycotoxins and third party lab testings.

  • Triple Extraction Method

    You get mushrooms not fillers — our extraction process takes 100 days or more per extract. We work on nature’s schedule. We never rush this process, so that you get the high quality you deserve.

  • Quality Herbs Grown in the U.S

    We partner with farmers who share our vision for high quality products. Our tonic blends are made with high quality ingredients that are sourced from the USA and are USDA Certified Organic.


The Extraction Process

Our Functional Mushrooms undergo an exclusive triple-extraction process.

Step one is fermentation, to maximize bioavailability of polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and alkaloids. Next up is a hot-water extraction to unlock the benefits of water-soluble polysaccharides. The last step is an extended 90-day alcohol extraction for bioavailability of triterpenoids and other beneficial compounds that are only alcohol-soluble.

This process takes 100 days or more per extract!

However, we never rush this process, so that you get the high quality you deserve.


Why tinctures?

Tinctures are a concentrated liquid which contain the beneficial and healing compounds of a herb, mushroom, bark or root.

Alcohol is a ‘functional’ ingredient in traditional herbalism; it serves as a solvent necessary to access and extract therapeutic compounds within the plant cells and suspend them in a powerful liquid format readily available for your convenient consumption. 

Taken sublingually, tinctures absorb much faster than tablets or powders and are also more bioavailable for the body to absorb.